Dongwook LeeBiograpy

Dongwook Lee’s works focus on the contradictions that are fundamentally inherent in human existence and life. Exquisitely hyper-realistic and surrealistically imagined renditions of his miniature human figures are staged in absurd situations in Lee’s works, in which the bleak everyday life transforms into poetic horror. In Lee’s work, a fragile warrior is wearing his own flesh as his armor, and the naked child stands with innocent face in front of blood-stained killing (which he might have committed). His oeuvre stands at an odd intersection of life and death, beauty and cruelty, civilization and wild, and reality and fantasy, unfolding a world of fantasy where people are severed from reality.


이동욱의 작품 세계를 관통하는 맥락은 기본적으로 인간과 삶 속에 내제된 모순들에 대한 관심이다. 정교한 극사실적 묘사와 초현실적 환상이 응축된 미니어처 인간 개체들에 부조리하게 설정된 상황들을 충돌시키는 그의 작품들에서 일상은 음산하지만 서정적인 호러로 탈바꿈된다. 자신의 살(flesh)로 만들어진 갑옷을 입은 상처받기 쉬운 전사, 혈흔 가득한 살생 (자신이 저질렀을 지도 모르는) 앞에 아무것도 모르는 표정으로 서 있는 벌거벗은 아이의 모습… 삶과 죽음, 아름다움과 참혹함, 문명과 야생, 현실과 환상이 기묘하게 교차된 그의 작품은 우리로 하여금 외부로부터 단절된 인간이 존재하는 가상의 세계를 경험하도록 해준다.

b. 1976, Lives in Seoul, Korea


2003     M.F.A Dept. of Painting, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea

2001     B.F.A Dept. of Painting, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea

Solo Exhibitions

2012     Love Me Sweet, ARARIO GALLERY SEOUL samcheong, Seoul, Korea

             Love Me Tender, DOOSAN gallery, New York, USA

2011     Total Museum, Seoul, Korea

2008     Cross Breeding, Avanthay Contemporary, Zurich, Switzerland

2006     Breeding Pond, ARARIO GALLERY, Seoul, Korea

2004     Mouthbreeder, Brain Factory, Seoul, Korea

2003     Inbreeding, KEPCO Plaza, Seoul, Korea

Group Exhibitions

2012     Diagnostic Mind-Catastrophe, Dongdaemun Historical Culture Park, Seoul, Korea

             Re-opening DOOSAN Gallery Seoul: DOOSAN Residency Artists 2009-2011, DOOSAN Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2011     Korean Eye: Energy and Matter, Museum of Art and Design, New York, USA 

             Artists with ARARIO 2011, Part II, ARARIO GALLERY SEOUL cheongdam, Seoul, Korea 

             A Glocal View: Korean Contemporary Art, Upsala Art Museum, Upsala, Sweden

             38N Snow South: Korean Contemporary Art, Galeri Charlotte Lund, Stockholm, Sweden 

2010     Artists with Arario, ARARIO GALLERY, Seoul & Cheonan, Korea

2009     Resonance Green Korea-Climate Change in the Bosom of Culture, Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

             Resonance Green Korea-Climate Change in the Bosom of Culture, Fredericksberg Townhall, Copenhagen, Denmark

             Peppermint Candy: Contemporary Art from Korea, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea

             Conflicting Tales - Inaugural Exhibition of the Burger Collection, Zimmerstrasse, Berlin, Germany

             Ultra Skin, Space C Coreana Art & Culture Complex, Seoul, Korea

             Korean Eye : Moon Generation, Standard Chartered First Bank, Seoul, Korea & Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

2008     Daily Life in Korea; In Commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Diplomatic Relationship Between Korea and Thailand, 

             The Queen’s Gallery, Tailand

             Hyunjhin Baik, Donghee Koo, Dongwook Lee Group Show, ARARIO GALLERY, Beijing, China

             Peppermint Candy: Contemporary Art from Korea, National Museum of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2007     Contemporary Korean Art: Wonderland, The National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

             Disturbed : New Art from Kroea, Peres Project, Berlin, Germany

             Peppermint Candy: Contemporary Art from Korea, Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile

             Skin of/ in Contemporary Art, The Osaka Museum of Art, Osaka, Japan

2006     Give me Shelter, Union Galley, London, UK Egomania, Civica Gallery, Modena, Italy

2005     Beautiful Cynicism, ARARIO GALLERY, Beijing, China

2004     Alchemy of Daily Life, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea

             New Face 2004 : Art in Culture Emerging Artist Competition, Dukwon gallery, Seoul, Korea

2003     A Slice of Contemporary Art, LCM gallery, Ilsan, Korea

2002     Dream of Butterfly, Hongik University Contemporary Art Museum, Seoul, Korea